New AMU Charter (December 2011)


Relating to the recognition of mutal borders as well as the questions of possible territorial expansions.


The Heads-of-State of the Parties to this Charter have agreed to establish a scheme of mutual recognition of borders of the members of the Antarctic Micronational Union (hereinafter referred to as “AMU”) in order to:

  • avoid territorial disputes between the members of the AMU;
  • improve the relations between the Antarctic Micronations;
  • avoid illegal territorial claims by micronations who are not a member of the AMU;
  • and define the possibilities of new territorial claims made by members of the AMU.


  1. The “Parties” are the AMU members signing this Charter;
  2. Any AMU member which accede to this Charter is referred to as “Party”;
  3. An “applicant” is a nation applying for AMU membership.

Article I: Recognition of the borders

  1. The Parties will recognize the borders of the other Parties according to the map given in the Appendix 1 of this charter, which was made on November 28th, 2011.
  2. The Parties will not dispute the borders of the other Parties in any other micronational organisation upon ratification of this charter.

Article II: Territorial expansion

  1. The Parties cannot make any new territorial claim on Antarctic mainland, except when another Party grant territory.
  2. The Parties cannot make any new territorial claims on sub-Antarctic islands without the consent of AMU.

Article III: Future members of AMU

  1. The AMU is in obligation to inform any new applicant to its membership of this Charter.
  2. If an applicant has a territorial dispute with any of the Parties, the territorial dispute has to be resolved before the applicant‟s admission to AMU.
  3. An applicant must be minimum 3 months old and may not be involved into a micronational conflict.
  4. All votes remain open for 10 days. The votes of the Parties with claims in that administrative region are decisive. Other Parties can support or protest against the request for membership but the Secretary-General takes the final decision.
  5. All applicants are the first 3 months of their membership an observer, meanwhile the AMU will study their behavior in the community. After 3 months they can request full membership or remain an observer.
  6. Observers have the right to discuss and on temporarily recognition by the AMU, but they cannot vote. Only full members have the right to vote.
  7. Applicants who are a protectorate or are under control of a non-Antarctic micronation cannot be full members and can only remain observers (Note: when a micronation has an Antarctic colony, this nation is under the category of „Antarctic micronation‟).
  8. In special exceptions the AMU can grant applicants who are protectorates full membership after 3 months observer.
  9. Non-Antarctic micronations who are a protector of an AMU-member can request for the state of „Observer‟, they have no power in the AMU but have the right to join dicussions.
  10. When an applicant joins the AMU and is not active during the first month of his membership, the AMU will suspend the new applicant from the AMU.

Article IV: Territory of a defunct micronation

  1. Every 6 months the AMU contacts all Parties to inform if they still exist, when a Party does not confirm within 1 month they will be considered as defunct.
  2. If a Party cease to exist, its territory cannot be claimed by an another Party.
  3. The Party can concede the territory to another Party, only with the approval of AMU.

Article V: Actions contrary to this agreement

  1. Each of the Parties undertakes to exert appropriate efforts to the end that no one engages in any activity contrary to the Articles I and II of this Charter.
  2. If a party commits an actions contrary to this Charter, the AMU is in obligation to suspend its membership.
  3. If a party commits an actions contrary to this Charter, other Parties are not in obligation to oblige Article I and II of this Charter, which refer to the Party which committed this action.
  4. If a Party commits an action contrary to this Charter, the AMU may revoke its membership, if the majority of the members decide that.

Article VI: Modification and duration

  1. This Charter will last 1 year, with the possibility of extending it to 1 more year.
  2. The present Charter may be modified or amended at any time by unanimous agreement of the Parties. Any such modification or amendment shall enter into force when the AMU has received notice from all the Parties that they have ratified it.
  3. If after the expiration of 1 year from the date of entry into force of the present Charter, any of the Parties so requests by a communication addressed to the AMU.

Article VII: Ratification and Entry into Force

  1. The Charter shall be subject to ratification by the Parties. It is obligatory for accession by any micronation which becomes a Member of AMU, or by any other micronation which may be invited to accede to the Charter with the consent of all the Parties.
  2. Ratification of or accession to the present Charter shall be effected by each Party in accordance with its constitutional processes.

Article VIII: Management of the AMU

  1. The Secretary-General of the AMU is elected every six months.
  2. Under the Secretary-General are the Commissioner for Foreign Affairs & New Members, Commissioner of Justice & Defense, Commissioner of Internal Affairs & Culture and the Secretary-General of the Antarctic Intelligence services (AMIS).
  3. The Commissioners are elected every six months.
  4. The AMU is divided in 4 administrative regions: West-Antarctica, East-Antarctica, Victoria Land and North Antarctic Peninsula.
  5. Each administrative region is under control of a Secretary who is a counselor and mediator for the micronations in that region.
  6. The Secretaries of the administrative regions are elected every six months and are member of a micronation in that region.

Article IX: Attitude and behaviour

The AMU is a professional micronational organization, therefore the AMU has a manual – inspired on the manifesto of the micronational spirit– how to act as a micronationalist:

  1. Show respect for all forms of micronations, treat them as equal and do not feel superior.
  2. Treat everyone with respect, you always represent your micronation.
  3. Be honest about your micronation. Do not spread false information to look better.
  4. Respect that micronationalists have a personal life! Not everyone is a fulltime micronationalist and school, work, family, etc. have priority.
  5. You shall not poach. The word poaching is a term used by micronations and it means stealing citizens of other micronations.
  6. Do not steal from other micronations. Don‟t copy complete pages or websites from other micronations, you can find inspiration but you must create your own micronation.
  7. Avoid micronational wars, all conflicts are a failure of diplomacy! Engaging in a micronational war is a sure fire way to destroy your reputation. Micronational war achieves nothing, ruins the efforts and enjoyment of others and makes pariahs of its proponents.
  8. Do not interfere with the internal affairs of other micronations. Focus on your own micronation.
  9. A true micronationalist remains a realist. You will not be a future world leader, lead armies or invest millions of money to build your micronation. The moment you declare that your micronation is a „real‟ nation, you possible suffer from megalomania. Unless you manage to join the United Nations. To keep it simple: keep it realistic.
  10. If you want to achieve something, work first on your own micronation. If you are professional or have a strong concept developed, other micronations will look at your micronation.
  11. You must earn respect. You don‟t get respect if you bully or dominate other micronations.
  12. Micronational superpowers do not exist. Micronations – small or big – who work hard and put a lot of time and effort in their micronations and the community are an example for people who believe they are a “superpower”.
  13. Be a micronationalist outside the internet. The internet is only a medium and not the way to look active. Try to start activities or projects in real life for your micronation.

Appendix 1: Maps of the territorial claims on December 11, 2011

Map of the AMU


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