AMU elections started

The elections for the AMU Commission started today. All full members can cast their vote on the AMU forum, The former Secretary-General, Prince Maarten van Arkel, sent a newsletter on the election procedure to each full member.

Because of a lack of candidatures to several positions in the Commission, the former S-G proposed the following on the forum:

The positions for which candidatures were casted (Foreign Affairs, Justice and Defence, Internal Affairs and Chief of AMEA) are now being filled in by the only candidate available, under the condition these candidates are not voted in as (Vice) Secretary-General.

If the positions remain empty, the new Secretary-General can (in collaboration with his Vice) candidate other people. The SG and VSG will propose a motion in the Voting Chamber on this candidates, which must be admitted with 50%+1. The SG and VSG will start their term July 8, the new candidates can join later.

Only two people are convinced of their victory, King Tom I as Chief of AMEA and Daniel Morris as Commissioner of Internal Affairs and Culture.

The Antarctic Micronational Union can welcome King Tom I of the Kingdom of Falghun as Chief of the Antarctic Micronational Environmental Agency and Daniel Morris of the Union of Draegan Micronations (Dorzhabad) as Commissioner of Internal Affairs and Culture. He decided to cast his candidature after his resignation as Secretary-General a week ago, since he wanted to stay active in the Antarctic community.

The new Commission shall be ‘sworn in’ on July 8.


AMU appeared on Russian news site

The Antarctic Micronational Union was part of an article written on the website of the Chatsny Korrespondent (Частный Корреспондент), which is the first Russian online newspaper for free.

According to the Foreign Commissioner, who knows someone able to speak Russian, is it about the conflict between Rhosedia and Finismund, and further about the foundation of the Antarctic micronational Union. They say that on Antarctica micronations form a organisation to manage territorial issues, and than they compare it with the claims of Russia on Antarctica. They also made a summery about all AMU-members in 2010 and their claims.

The article was published in 2010.

View the complete article (in Russian) here.

We’ve got ourselves a winner

Members of the AMU,
Ladies and gentlemen,

We’ve got ourselves a winner: Daniel Morris is the new Secretary-General of the Antarctic Micronational Union. Daniel Morris is the Prime Minister of Dorzhabad and he was under the Van Arkel-administration the Vice Secretary-General.

With Mr. Morris, the AMU has its second Secretary-General of British descent. He will be the fourth Secretary-General, having Niels of Flandrensis, James Puchowski and Maarten van Arkel as his predecessors.

The other commission positions are as following:
Vice Secretary-General: Jefferson Kloepfler (Akull)
Commissioner of Foreign Affairs and New Members: Grand Duke Niels of Flandrensis
Commissioner of Culture and Internal Affairs: President Alex Whitmarsh (LDR)
Commissioner of Justice and Defence: Alexander Eastwood, MP (Atlantis)

The job of chief of AMIS is still vacant. Possible candidates can offer themselves at the forum.

I really enjoyed my job as Secretary-General of our organisation during 2011, I hope the new people in the commission will also enjoy it.

For me it was an honour to ‘rule’ the AMU. I am willing to help anyone if necessary.

I have confidence in all of the new people in the Morris-administration.

Furthermore, I wish you all the best in 2012. Let it be a prosperous year for micronationalism!

Yours faithfully,

Maarten van Arkel
Prince of Arkel
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Flandrensis

New members

The Great Socialist Union of Adjikistan and the Grand Duchy of the North Antarctic Peninsular Islands are granted membership of the Antarctic Micronational Union.

The Secretary-General of the Union decided to come to this decision, after a lot of members applied for membership. Westsylvania and the Marxist People’s Republic of Burkland are not granted membership, because of their involvement in Operation Beginning.

For the Domanglian Empire, they are not granted membership yet. They were in a conflict, not even more, but they need time to prove they are not a state looking for war. That takes time.

Nations have the right to appeal against this decision until Friday 18th of November at 23:59 CET.

AMIS Report on ASEA

The AMIS (Antarctica Micronational Intelligence Service) issued a report on the ASEA (Antarctica’s Elain of Atilinia).

The AMU offered the report to the government ASEA to review it, but they did not reply on it. The ultimatum was set on Saturday, October 8th by midnight, which nearly ended.

The government of ASEA has not replied yet, therefore the AMU will not issue any consequences at this moment.

You can read the report here (available after 15:00 CET on October 8th)