New (Vice) Secretary-General elected

The members of the Antarctic Micronational Union have chosen. They elected Grand Duke Niels of Flandrensis as new Secretary-General, with 66,7% of the votes. The other candidates for the office, Grand Duke Martin of the North Antarctic Peninsular Islands and Jefferson Kloepfler, Vice Secretary-General in times of the Daniel Morris administration, got respectively 11,11% and 22,22% of the votes.

The result for the election of Vice Secretary-General is: Alexander Eastwood (Atlantis): 77,78% and Jefferson Kloepfler from Akull with 22,22% of the votes.

King Tom I of the Kingdom of Falghun was already appointed as Chief of the Antarctic Micronational Environmental Agency and Daniel Morris was already appointed Commissioner of Internal Affairs and Culture.

The positions left, that of Commissioner of Foreign Affairs and New Members, Commissioner of Justice and Defence, and the position of Chief of the Antarctic Micronational Intelligence Service are still open. These positions will be filled by the new Secretary-General and his Vice.

The changes will take effect on July, 8, 2012 at 00:00 CET. The aim is to fill the remaining positions within a week.


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