Secretary-General Morris resigned from office

The Secretary-General of the Antarctic Micronational Union has resigned. He did so voluntarily.  The decision is “indefinitely and effective immediately, recently to much has been going on, and I do not wish to taint the good name of the AMU due to my massive lapse of judgement.”, as stated on the forum.

According to AMU regulations, the Vice Secretary-General, Jefferson Kloepfler, is now in charge of the organisation for the time being, since the new Commission shall be installed next Sunday.


Future Commissioners can now cast their candidatures

Members of the AMU with the ambition to become an AMU commissioner can now cast their candidatures for the new term. 

Members can make their candidature public on the AMU forum, and apply for six jobs:

  • Secretary-General
  • Vice Secretary-General
  • Commissioner of Foreign Affairs and New Members
  • Commissioner of Justice and Defense
  • Commissioner of Internal Affairs and Culture
  • Chief of AMIS

The forum in which the issues are discussed is members-only. This is the link: 

Are you a member, but you don’t have access to the forum? Send a message to Maarten van Arkel (, or a PM at the forum).