D. Morris is now officially Secretary-General of the Union

Today, the former Secretary-General of the AMU, Mr Maarten van Arkel, signed a decree making Sir D. Morris officially the Secretary-General of the Antarctic Micronational Union.

The new Secretary-General can appoint the new members of his commission.

Read the decree here.


Renewal of Dorzhabadic membership

The Union of Draegan Republics announced:

The new year will mark the transition from 5 independant Draegan-Speaking states into the UDR, any treaties or agreements that the community had made with Dorzhabad will be carried over onto the this federal government, if this is not acceptable then a new agreemant or treaty can and will be drafted at request.

The UDR is automatically member of the AMU, because of the renewal of the membership. (view forum topic)

We’ve got ourselves a winner

Members of the AMU,
Ladies and gentlemen,

We’ve got ourselves a winner: Daniel Morris is the new Secretary-General of the Antarctic Micronational Union. Daniel Morris is the Prime Minister of Dorzhabad and he was under the Van Arkel-administration the Vice Secretary-General.

With Mr. Morris, the AMU has its second Secretary-General of British descent. He will be the fourth Secretary-General, having Niels of Flandrensis, James Puchowski and Maarten van Arkel as his predecessors.

The other commission positions are as following:
Vice Secretary-General: Jefferson Kloepfler (Akull)
Commissioner of Foreign Affairs and New Members: Grand Duke Niels of Flandrensis
Commissioner of Culture and Internal Affairs: President Alex Whitmarsh (LDR)
Commissioner of Justice and Defence: Alexander Eastwood, MP (Atlantis)

The job of chief of AMIS is still vacant. Possible candidates can offer themselves at the forum.

I really enjoyed my job as Secretary-General of our organisation during 2011, I hope the new people in the commission will also enjoy it.

For me it was an honour to ‘rule’ the AMU. I am willing to help anyone if necessary.

I have confidence in all of the new people in the Morris-administration.

Furthermore, I wish you all the best in 2012. Let it be a prosperous year for micronationalism!

Yours faithfully,

Maarten van Arkel
Prince of Arkel
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Flandrensis