Alexander Eastwood Chief of AMIS

Alexander Eastwood has been elected as the new Chief of the Antartcic Micronational Intelligence Service. The former chief became Commissioner of Foreign Affairs and New Members.

On behalf of the Secretary-General, the AMU hopes on a good cooperation with mister Eastwood and the AMU wishes him all luck.


Some changes in the Commission

The Secretary-General and the Vice-Secretary-General are making – after the vote has closed – some changes in their administration.

Niels of Flandrensis will become Commissioner of Foreign Affairs and New Members as of 17 October 2011. He will quit his job as Secretary-General of AMIS.

A voting is underway to make Alexander Eastwood Chief of the AMIS. The voting will close on Friday.

Until a new Chief of the AMIS is elected, Niels will combine both jobs.

AMIS Report on ASEA

The AMIS (Antarctica Micronational Intelligence Service) issued a report on the ASEA (Antarctica’s Elain of Atilinia).

The AMU offered the report to the government ASEA to review it, but they did not reply on it. The ultimatum was set on Saturday, October 8th by midnight, which nearly ended.

The government of ASEA has not replied yet, therefore the AMU will not issue any consequences at this moment.

You can read the report here (available after 15:00 CET on October 8th)