Embargo-ing files

To avoid any misunderstandings on secret files et cetera, I’ll introduce you an embargo “regime”. Every file were is stated on ‘EMBARGO’ is under this rules.

1. If a letter says ‘EMBARGO UNTIL …”, no part of the letter may be published, reproduced or whatsoever in any form before the set date and time.
2. If a letter says ‘EMBARGO UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE’, that notice is given at least 12 hours before the embargo ends, officially in a secret e-mail from the Secretary-General to all parties involved.
3. Publication before the embargo ends will be punished with a temporary suspension from the AMU and all its subsidiaries and all the persons involved in the AMU from the involved country will be put on non-active.
4. The AMU itself cannot break her embargo conditions. If it (accidentally) happens, all the files will be published immediately.
5. By reading any files and/or mailings under the embargo regime, you agree with the conditions stated in this document.

I hope this is clear.

Embargo meaning in the newsy way of the word, not as the sanction to a country.